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Osteria Ai Pugni

A typical Venetian Osteria: great wine, cured meats and a cozy atmosphere.

More than 30 years experience

The bar is named Osteria Dei Pugni it is located right next to the Ponte Dei Pugni (“Bridge of Fists”), which was a popular area during the Renaissance where fist fights between rival clans took place. The four corners of the bridge still have four remarkable footprints indicating the starting point for the fighters. The design of the bar has been modernized, with a very welcoming entrance under a wood-beamed ceiling slathered with gray paint together with the red proof.

Constant change of Wine

Sitting, watching the world go by on the bridge, you can take a sensory journey through the Italian regions, their history, and their peculiarities . This is the basis of our wine list, constantly evolving, always varied and curious.

Comfy and Cozy

A beautiful location with all the comforts, accompanied by soft and live music. The atmosphere of an “Artistic Container”, a space for creative work from painting to photography with 15 seats, sublimed by wooden interiors and soft lights, an intersection between tradition and modernity.


Sandwiches with cured meats.
Pork Loin From Carso
San Daniele Ham
Seasoned Chees
Pecorino Cheese and Cheese from apulia
For dinner platter of cold cuts, baccala and more in house specialities.

Our Events

Once a month DJ sets and wine

tasting with the producers.

Our Team

Meet the talented, dedicated and high energy individuals

responsible for leading our Osteria Ai Pugni restaurant.

They are absolutely the best!

Location and Details


Dorsoduro, 2836, Ponte dei Pugni, Fondamenta Gherardini


+39 346 960 7785



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Our Location

10 minutes from rialto, 1 minute from campo

santa margherita, 5 minutes from zattere.

Business Hours

From Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 11 pm.

On Sunday opening  at 10 and closing at 11